The ACM Conference on Recommender Systems always hosts a number of interesting workshops. However, several workshops relating to recommender systems are co-located with other conferences.

On this page, we list all workshops we are aware of. More precisely, we list all news that we published relating to recommender-system workshops. You can also access the news via

Latest News

Here is a list of all our news relating to recommender-system workshops.


The RecSys Challenge 2020 will be organized by Politecnico di Bari, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, TU Wien, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, and sponsored by Twitter. The challenge focuses on a real-world task of tweet engagement prediction in a dynamic environment. The goal is to predict the probability for different types of engagement (Like, Reply, Retweet, Read more…

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REVEAL@RecSys2020: Workshop on Bandit and Reinforcement Learning from User Interactions

State-of-the-art recommender systems are notoriously hard to design and improve upon, due to their interactive and dynamic nature. In particular, they involve a multi-step decision-making process, where a stream of interactions occurs between the user and the system. Leveraging reward signals from these interactions and creating a scalable and performant recommendation inference model is a Read more…

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PodRecs@RecSys2020: Workshop on Podcast Recommendations

In 2019, 51% of the United States population had listened to at least one podcast, according to Edison Research’s “Infinite Dial 2019” research study. The percentage of people who listened to a podcast within the last month was 32%, an increase of 23% over the year before. Podcast search engine Listen Notes claims there are Read more…

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ORSUM@RecSys2020: 3rd Workshop on Online Recommender Systems and User Modeling

The objective of this workshop is to foster contributions and bring together a growing community of researchers and practitioners interested in online, adaptive approaches to user modeling, recommendation and personalization, as well as other related tasks, such as evaluation, reproducibility, privacy and explainability. More:

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OHARS@RecSys2020: Workshop on Online Misinformation- and Harm-Aware Recommender Systems

The aim of this workshop is to bring together a community of researchers interested in tackling online harms and, at the same time, mitigating their impact on recommender systems. We will seek novel research contributions on misinformation- and harm-aware recommender systems. The main objective of the workshop is to further research in recommender systems that Read more…

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IntRS@RecSys2020: Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems

The IntRS workshop series focuses on the “human side” or recommender systems. Its goal is to integrate modern HCI approaches and theories of human decision making into the construction of recommender systems. It focuses particularly on the impact of interfaces on decision support and overall satisfaction. IntRS workshops have been previously held at RecSys 2016, Read more…

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Impact@RecSys2020: The 2nd Workshop on the Impact of Recommender Systems

The research literature that considers such more direct measurements of impact of recommender systems on the various stakeholders is comparably scarce and scattered. With the proposed workshop, we pursue different goals. First, the workshop will serve as a platform where researchers can present their latest works in which they analyzed different forms of impact of Read more…

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HealthRec@RecSys2020: 5th Workshop on Health Recommender Systems

Recommendations are becoming evermore important in health settings with the aim being to assist people live healthier lives. Four previous workshops on Health Recommender Systems (HRS) have incorporated diverse research fields and problems in which recommender systems can improve our awareness, understanding and behaviour regarding our own, and the general public’s health. At the same Read more…

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fashionX@RecSys2020: Workshop on Recommender Systems in Fashion

Online Fashion retailers have significantly increased in popularity over the last decade, making it possible for customers to explore hundreds of thousands of products without the need to visit multiple stores or stand in long queues for checkout. However, the customers still face several hurdles with current online shopping solutions. For example, customers often feel Read more…

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FAccTRec@RecSys2020: 3rd Workshop on Responsible Recommendation

The 3rd FAccTRec Workshop on Responsible Recommendation at Recys 2020 is a venue for discussing problems of social responsibility in building, maintaining, evaluating, and studying recommender systems, including but not limited to issues of fairness, accountability, and transparency (FAccT). The importance of these problems are now increasing due to the empowerment of social networking technologies and the Read more…

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