Summer Schools

A great opportunity to learn about recommender systems and build your network are summer schools. Unfortunately, there are only few summer schools on recommender systems and rather infrequently (If you know of other recommender-system summer schools, please let us know).

ACM Summer School on Recommender Systems

The ACM Conference on Recommender Systems occasionally has a summer school prior to the main conference and in addition to a doctoral consortium.




2012 ( Copy)

2011 ( Copy)

ACM Latin American School on Recommender Systems (LARS 2019)


Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Statistics etc. Summer Schools

While the number of recommender-systems summer schools is limited, we would recommend considering some of the various summer schools on related topics like machine learning, data mining, or statistics. Many top universities and other organizations offer such summer schools. While we have no particular recommendations, Google may help you:

Machine Learning Summer Schools:

Statistics Summer Schools:

Data Mining Summer Schools:

Information Retrieval Summer Schools

Latest News On Summer Schools

Yes! In 2024, there will be another Summer School on Recommender Systems (in Bari, Italy)

Once in a while, there are recommender-systems summer schools co-located with the ACM Recommender Systems Conference. Also, this year, there will be a summer school organized by Ludovico Boratto, Cataldo Musto and Fedelucio Narducci. Supposedly, as in previous years, there will be a panel of mentors who belong to the most reputable recsys researchers in […]

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RecSys Summer School 2023

Great news for PhD and Master students: in 2023, there will be a recommender-systems summer school (the last one was in 2019). This year’s summer school will be from June 12-16 in Copenhagen, and is organized by Attending the Summer School on Recommender Systems is a great opportunity for Masters and PhD students in the […]

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2nd AutoML Fall School 2022 in Freiburg, Germany

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is relevant for recommender systems as AutoML is concerned with the automatic selection and tuning of algorithms; a topic of crucial importance for recommender systems. Hence, it is nice to see that there is a second edition of the AutoML Fall School, this year in Freiburg. It takes place from Oct. […]

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‘AutoML’ is growing up with a summer school and dedicated conference

At this minute, the AutoML Workshop 2021 at the ICML conference is running. And one of the organizers, Frank Hutter, announced an AutoML Summer School and the first dedicated AutoML Conference (no website yet). In other words, the AutoML community is growing up. While we report in this blog about recommender systems, AutoML is also […]

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SIGIR 2020 Summer School Programme Online

SIGIR provides a great summer school this year with interesting talks about personalized search, offline evaluation of information retrieval (IR) systems and many more.

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Free ‘Resource-aware Machine Learning’ summer school in Dortmund, Germany (virtually)

The International Summer School on resource-aware Machine Learning brings together lectures from the research area of data analysis (Machine Learning, data mining, statistics) and embedded systems (cyber-physical systems). It aims at taking into account the constraint of limited resources of host devices used for data analysis. The lectures are held by leading experts in these […]

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