List of RecSys Researchers

The Google Map below shows experts in the field of recommender systems. Our goal is to keep this map up-to-date with senior and active recommender-systems researchers. The map provides a good starting point for prospective Ph.D. students looking for potential supervisors; organizations and businesses looking for recommender-systems experts for joint projects or consultancy jobs, and anyone else who wants to know where the (closest) recommender-systems experts are. If you want to help maintain this map, let us know.

As of now (Feb. 2022), the map includes

Open the Google Map in a new tab to see more options (color legend; all names; explanations…)

To find further experts in recommender systems, our tag cloud can help to identify experts in recommender systems. We tag every post in our blog with the names of relevant persons. Clicking on a name, e.g. leads to all blog posts on Rs_c that relate to that person.

Other sources to find recommender-system experts include researchers on Google Scholar who tagged themselves with the tag “recommender system“. Also Twitter lists users who are active in recommender-systems research.

Last but not least, the ACM website for the ACM Recommender Systems Conference is a useful resource. The website shows you the most cited authors of the ACM RecSys conference, recent award winners, and universities with a strong focus on recommender systems.