We are welcoming motivated researchers and practitioners who want to contribute to RS_c.

Tweet on Twitter with #RS_c

The most simple way of getting your news promoted on RS_c is to tweet about it and include the hashtag #RS_c. Your tweet will then automatically appear in the sidebar (see the right-hand side).

Make a ‘real’ contribution

Every self-registered user can submit content (subject to the approval of the RS_c admins). Regular contributors will receive the “Author” role, which allows them to independently publish content. Before spending a significant amount of time writing something, we would recommend contacting us with a proposal for your submission.

To submit a news, follow the steps outlined in the reminder

1. Register

Register a free account for RS_c.

2. Login

Login to the RS_c website, and complete your profile

3. Visit/Refresh the Contribution Website

Visit or, if you are currently reading the page, refresh it. This is necessary to activate the dynamic form that allows you to submit news, and which is only visible when you are logged in.

3. Submit News & Original Content

Everyone is welcome to submit news about recommender-systems. If you created a new software library or dataset, wrote a great tutorial, or did something else you believe the community should know about, then please submit the news below. All we need is a title, the news, and a screenshot. We also would be glad to receive original content from you about topics relating to recommender-systems. Maybe you have a controversial idea and would like the community to discuss it? Or you would like to introduce a new project via RS_c? Then go ahead. However, please note that we would not publish tutorials for topics that have been covered extensively in other blogs (in that case rather publish your tutorial elsewhere and post a news item about it on RS_c).

However, please note that the following is not news we want to report about

  • A new research paper, unless it’s a literature survey in a reputable journal or a paper that received a best-paper award at a reputable conference. We would like to refrain from reporting on ‘normal’ research papers as this would flood the news feed. Hopefully, in the near future, we will have a dedicated “Latest Paper” feed that will automatically collect new papers from the relevant sources (arXiv, ResearchGate, major journals, …)

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