Build a Recommender System in less than 60 minutes with ‘Amazon Personalize’ [Shivek Sachdev@Medium]

Shivek Sachdev wrote a tutorial on how to build a recommender-system with ‘Amazon Personalize’.

Bad times! Ever since the Thai government has declared state of emergency over coronavirus — all of us were encouraged to work from home. I was assigned with a challenging task to conduct a webinar on the topic of “Increasing E-Commerce Customer’s Engagement amidst Covid-19”.

So, after careful consideration and given my basic background in Machine Learning — I’ve decided to make the topic of this webinar on building a Recommender System in less than an hour using Amazon Personalize.

Truth be told, I did spend some time going thru tutorials on YouTube on building a Recomender System using Python — on concepts such as Cosine Similarity. At first, it was pretty straightforward but then questions started popping up. Here’s a few of them:

*How do I deploy this algorithm? How do I serve the model? Which cloud infrastructure do I need to provision?

* How do I handle rapid changes in trends and customer’s behavior?

* How do I handle new users and new items? (the classic cold start problem)

I came across Amazon Personalize and it ticks all the right boxes.

So here’s how I did it!

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