Building a content-based music recommender-system [Amol Mavuduru @TowardsDataScience]

Amol Mavuduru wrote a tutorial on building a content-based music recommender system with Spotify data.

Have you ever wondered how Spotify recommends songs and playlists based on your listening history? Do you wonder how Spotify manages to find songs that sound similar to the ones you’ve already listened to?

Interestingly, Spotify has a web API that developers can use to retrieve audio features and metadata about songs such as the song’s popularity, tempo, loudness, key, and the year in which it was released. We can use this data to build music recommendation systems that recommend songs to users based on both the audio features and the metadata of the songs that they have listened to.

In this article, I will demonstrate how I used a Spotify song dataset and Spotipy, a Python client for Spotify, to build a content-based music recommendation system.

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