Stats on Submitted & Accepted Papers and Acceptance Rate at the ACM Recommender Systems Conference until 2023

Update 13-11-2023: I added the numbers for 2023

The ACM Conference on Recommender Systems regularly releases numbers relating to its acceptance rate. We visualized the numbers as shown below and it’s good to see that the number of submitted papers slowly but steadily increases over time. From just above 100 papers in the first years to more than 200 in recent years. The acceptance rate in the first two years of the ACM Recommender Systems Conference was quite high (46% and 31% respectively). Since 2009, the acceptance rate of the ACM Recommender Systems Conference has been relatively stable around 20%, in recent years even somewhat below it (17% in 2022).

Now, let’s wait how the numbers for 2023 will be. What is your guess?


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