Accepted RecSys Papers & RecSys Bias Workshop at the ECIR2022 Conference

The 44th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) is starting in a few days, and there will be lots of interesting presentations relating to recommender systems.

  1. Recommendation of Compatible Outfits Conditioned on Style. Debopriyo Banerjee, Lucky Dhakad, Harsh Maheshwari, Muthusamy Chelliah, Niloy Ganguly and Arnab Bhattacharya
  2. Influence-based Deep Network for Next POIs Prediction. Sayda Elmi and Kian-Lee Tan
  3. Joint Personalized Search and Recommendation with Hypergraph Convolutional Networks. Thibaut Thonet, Jean-Michel Renders, Mario Choi and Jinho Kim.
  4. Local Citation Recommendation with Hierarchical-Attention Text Encoder and SciBERT-based Reranking. Nianlong Gu, Yingqiang Gao and Richard H.R. Hahnloser
  5. [IRJ] Kernel Density Estimation based Factored Relevance Model for Multi-Contextual Point-of-Interest Recommendation. Anirban Chakraborty, Debasis Ganguly, Annalina Caputo, Gareth J. F. Jones
  6. Consumer Fairness in Recommender Systems: Contextualizing Definitions and Mitigations. Ludovico Boratto, Gianni Fenu, Mirko Marras and Giacomo Medda
  7. Revisiting Popularity and Demographic Biases in Recommender Evaluation and Effectiveness. Nicola Neophytou, Bhaskar Mitra and Catherine Stinson
  8. Do Lessons from Metric Learning Generalize to Image-Caption Retrieval? Maurits Bleeker and Maarten de Rijke

Also, the Third International Workshop on Algorithmic Bias in Search and Recommendation (BIAS@ECIR2022) will take place at ECIR’22.

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