How Nvidia spams the Twitter #RecSys feed

Nvidia has done a lot for the recommender-systems community. That does though, unfortunately, not prevent Nvidia from spamming the Twitter #RecSys feed.

The Twitter #RecSys feed is a valuable source of information for the recommender-system community. Also, here at we rely on the feed to learn about the latest developments in the recommender-systems community. And, so far, #recsys has been very clean, i.e. rarely did anyone post something with the #recsys hash-tag that wasn’t actually relevant for the recommender-system community.

Recently, however, reading the Twitter #RecSys feed is a pain in the… back. This is due to Nidia, who posts an actually relevant tweet about recommender systems, and then, dozens of employees do not like or retweet the tweet, but copy and paste it and post it again as their own. As a consequence, the Twitter #RecSys feed is trashed with dozens of tweets that are all identical. The screenshot below shows a list of all the #recsys tweets posted by Nvidia recently (I removed other #recsys tweets). Unfortunately, this is also not a single occurrence. Nvidia is doing this already for quite some time (one of many other examples is found at the very bottom of this post; a screenshot from January 2022).

As a consequence, our own Twitter account @RecSys_c will block/mute all Twitter users from now on that tweet such copy & paste messages. This means we will also not see any other tweets from these users in the future.

Screenshot from June 2022

And here is another screenshot from January 2022 (again, only the Nvidia tweets).

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