Austria is the country with the highest number of top (female) RecSys researchers

We updated our world map of the top recommender-systems researchers, i.e. researchers on the RecSys Steering Committee, or RecSys researchers otherwise strongly involved in the community. Among others, we updated the location of Christine Bauer who moved from Utrecht University (Netherlands) to Salzburg University (Austria). Given the relatively small size of Austria and the relatively small number of universities, it is amazing to see how many top recommender-systems researchers there are in Austria.

Based on our numbers, Austria is the country with the highest number of professors and top recommender-systems researchers in the world, relative to the number of universities. And, the most female, too.

The list includes

  • Dietmar Jannach, University of Klagenfurt
  • Markus Zanker, University of Klagenfurt (and University of Bolzano)
  • Alexander Felfernig, University of Graz
  • Elisabeth Lex, University of Graz
  • Christine Bauer, University of Salzburg
  • Eva Zangerle, University of Innsbruck
  • Julia Neidhardt, University of Vienna
  • Markus Schedl, University of Linz

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