‘Recsperts’ releases its 20th episode; This time on Practical Bandids and Travel Recommendations

Recsperts is becoming a constant entity in the recommender system community. A few days ago, almost exactly 2 years after its launch, Recspert released its 20th podcast episode. As always, available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Overcast, and Amazon.

In the 20th episode of “Recsperts,” Dr. Bram van den Akker, a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Booking.com, discusses bandit algorithms and counterfactual learning in decision-making systems, particularly for travel industry recommendations. The conversation covers practical aspects of bandit feedback, challenges in model evaluation and recommendation systems, and nuances of reward signals. The episode ends with a discussion on clickbait in news services. Listeners are encouraged to subscribe and review the podcast.

As a side note, the podcast is, as far as I know, solely created by Marcel Kurovski.


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