RecSys Summer School 2023

Great news for PhD and Master students: in 2023, there will be a recommender-systems summer school (the last one was in 2019). This year’s summer school will be from June 12-16 in Copenhagen, and is organized by

Attending the Summer School on Recommender Systems is a great opportunity for Masters and PhD students in the field of recommender systems. The summer school offers a unique chance to learn from leading experts in the field, as well as network with other researchers and practitioners working in the area. The program includes a mix of lectures, tutorials, and hands-on workshops that provide a comprehensive introduction to the latest techniques and research in recommender systems.

Additionally, attending the summer school can provide students with valuable insights into the current state of the field and help them identify potential research areas and opportunities. The networking opportunities with other researchers and practitioners can also lead to potential collaborations and mentorship opportunities.

Overall, the Summer School on Recommender Systems is an excellent opportunity for Masters and PhD students to deepen their understanding of recommender systems and to build connections with others in the field.

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. It is known for its historic and cultural landmarks such as the Little Mermaid statue, Tivoli Gardens, and the Rosenborg Castle. The city also boasts a vibrant food and drinking scene, with many restaurants and bars serving traditional Danish cuisine. June is a great time to visit Copenhagen as the weather is generally mild and the city comes to life with outdoor events and festivals.

Copenhagen is also a great city for researchers and scientists. It is home to several prestigious universities and research institutions, including the University of Copenhagen, which is consistently ranked among the top universities in Europe. The city is also an important center for life sciences and biotechnology research, with several world-class research institutions and companies based here. Additionally, Copenhagen has a vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem, with many opportunities for researchers and scientists to collaborate and commercialize their work.

Getting to Copenhagen is relatively easy. The city has its own international airport, Copenhagen Airport, which offers direct flights to many destinations around the world. From the airport, it is also easy to get to the city centre by metro or train. Another option is to take a train from other European cities such as Hamburg, Berlin or Stockholm. It is also possible to reach the city by ferry.

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