Spotify in Korea: What’s more important? Price or Recommender System? [Dong Sun-hwa @ TheKoreaTimes]

Spotify recently launched its music streaming and recommendation service in Korea. Interestingly, Spotify asks for a higher price than its local competitors. Dong Sun-hwa (Korea Times) discusses to what extent this higher price is justified, and what role Spotify’s recommendation engine plays.

The world’s largest music streaming platform, Spotify, launched its service in Korea on Feb. 2. It is a latecomer to the Korean music market, where local platforms, such as Melon and Genie, have already competed fiercely to increase their shares of the market. Spotify has brought its highly personalized music recommendation service to the forefront to attract users, but the main talking point at the moment isn’t the personalization ― it’s the price.

What do you think? Its Spotify’s recommender system worth a premium? Let us know in the comments.

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