Google launches ‘Product Discovery Solutions’ including search and recommendations for online retailers

Google joins the club of companies offering recommendations-as-a-service (RaaS). In a press release, Google announced the launch of “Product Discovery Solutions for Retail, Bolstering Personalized Online Shopping”. The ‘Product Discovery Solutions‘ consists of three modules, namely ‘Vision Product Search‘, Search for Retail (private Preview), and, most importantly for the readers of our Blog, ‘Recommendations AI‘, i.e. recommendations-as-a-service.

Recommendations-as-a-service is not to be confused with a Recommendation API as e.g. offered by Amazon. For using an API, a company still needs notable knowledge in recommender systems and Web Technologies / APIs / Web Programming. Recommendations-as-a-service makes integrating recommendations into an e-commerce shop as easy as integrating Google Analytics.

Google’s demo video showcases a neat web interface that allows choosing from the most important options. This includes the business objective (CTR or CVR) as well as the type of recommendation (‘Others you may like’, ‘Frequently bought together’, and ‘Recommended for you’). How exactly the integration is done remains, however, vague. If anyone knows whether still an API is needed, or if simply a JavaScript snippet needs to be integrated, let us know in the comments.

Screenshot of Google’s Recommenders AI web-interface for the most important settings

Prices vary between 10 US Cent and 27 US Cent per 1,000 predictions (see table below).

Prediction requests per monthPrice per 1000 predictions
Up to 20,000,000$0.27
Next 280,000,000$0.18
After 300,000,000$0.10

Disclaimer: I am involved in the business start-up Darwin & Goliath, which also offers recommendations as-a-service.

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