StrainBrain: A Recommender System for Weed

I just stumbled upon StrainBrain, a Cannabis Strain Recommendation Engine. According to their website, they are supported, among others, by Google Cloud for Start-Ups. The system seems to be simple. You choose a number of characteristics …

… and then you get your recommendations.

StrainBrain claims to use deep neural networks for their recommendations.

Ever heard of deep neural networks? No? Well, they’re pretty wild. Just picture a fleet of 500 robots using 200,000+ user reviews and lab-tested cannabinoid & terpene data to deliver your best possible strain recommendation. Yeah, it’s that good.

I am not sure why they would need deep neural networks for non-personalized recommendations that are based on selecting a few criteria. But, anyway, it’s a cool idea, though they seem not to be the first ones (see e.g. Sam Chow; PotBotics; and PotBot

While you try out any of these recommendations engines, you might want to listen to some good music. I recommend:

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