LinkedIn introduces “GDMix”, a deep ranking personalization framework

Jun Shi from LinkedIn announced the release of GDMix (GitHub), a deep ranking personalization framework. GDMix stands for Generalized Deep Mixed Model and is…

a solution created at LinkedIn to train these kinds of [ranking] models efficiently. It breaks down a large model into a global model (a.k.a. “fixed effect”) and a large number of small models (a.k.a. “random effects”), then solves them individually. This divide-and-conquer approach allows for efficient training of large personalization models with commodity hardware. An improvement from its predecessor, Photon-ML, GDMix expands supports deep learning models. It can be applied to a variety of search and recommendation tasks–a-deep-ranking-personalization-framework

LinkedIn seems to use that library for all kind of recommendations and search and states the library can be used for job recommendations, ads ranking, content search, movie recommendations, app store recommendations and more.–a-deep-ranking-personalization-framework

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