AI2 releases v1 of its free NLP library “AllenNLP” [Michael Schmitz / AI2 @Medium]

AllenNLP is a free, open-source natural language processing platform from AI2, designed so researchers can easily build state-of-the-art models. AllenNLP accelerates the translation of ideas into effective models by providing abstractions and APIs that relate to concepts familiar with researchers, as well as a suite of reference implementations from recent literature. This week, we’re releasing AllenNLP 1.0, unveiling new models, better performance, and fresh resources for the community.

The 1.0 version of AllenNLP is the culmination of several months of work from our engineering team (including over 500 GitHub commits!) and represents an important maturity milestone for the library. We’ve improved almost every corner of the platform, from our documentation to the addition of new NLP components to adjusting our APIs so they can better serve the community over the long haul.

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