More than a decade of the ACM RecSys Conference [Alan Said, 2017]

This is already an old blog post from 2017, but still an intersting read.

The eleventh ACM Recommender Systems Conference (RecSys) occurred earlier this year in Como, Italy, following last year’s tenth anniversary which saw over 560 attendees. This year, the attendance rose to a record 630. Post-conference, summaries emerged from attendees like Neal Lathia and Ola Gustafsson, with a compilation available on the ACM Recsys Medium channel. This post, however, shifts focus from RecSys’17 to reflect on the decade of advancements in recommender systems leading up to this year’s event. The conference showcased continuous growth, offering 23 sessions, 12 workshops, and 5 tutorials. For a thorough insight, the conference website and annual proceedings provide detailed statistics.

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