More than a decade of the ACM RecSys Conference [Alan Said, 2017]

This is already an old blog post from 2017, but still an intersting read.

The eleventh edition of the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys) took place earlier this year in Como, Italy. In the time since, a number of summaries of the conference have been published by some of the attendees, e.g. Neal Lathia, Ola Gustafsson, Gustavo Penha, Marco Creatura to name a few (note, I am not trying to make an extensive list of summaries here, there already is one over at the ACM Recsys Medium channel). In this post, I will not focus so much on the last RecSys (RecSys’17), as on the (just over a) decade of recommender systems conferences leading up to the week in Como.

Last year, the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems celebrated its tenth birthday. Keeping with the trend from the last few years, the conference attracted the largest number of participants to date (560+). This year, the conference, again, grew to a record breaking 630 participants. Apart from the attendess, other numbers continuosly grow as well, e.g. there were 23 sessions, 12 workshops, 5 tutorials, etc., etc. Most of these numbers are available on the conference website or in the image below, so I won’t iterate them all here. (If you’re looking for even more details, the frontmatter material of each year’s proceedings usually contains more information).

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