Volume 1, Issue 1 of ACM TORS published

Congratulations are in place: A few days ago, volume 1, issue 1 of the ACM Transactions on Recommender Systems was published. The issue consists of an editorial by the editors-in-chief Li Chen, and Dietmar Jannach, and three research articles. Visit https://dl.acm.org/toc/tors/2023/1/1 for more details.

The ACM Transactions on Recommender Systems (ACM TORS) is a scholarly journal dedicated to the publication of high-quality research in the field of recommendation systems. These systems are a crucial component of modern technology and play an important role in personalized information access, e-commerce, and social networking.

ACM TORS is published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), one of the largest professional organizations in the field of computer science. The journal aims to provide a forum for the exchange of new ideas, theories, techniques, and applications in the field of recommendation systems. ACM TORS is well respected and considered to be a leading publication in the area.

The scope of ACM TORS includes all aspects of recommendation systems, including but not limited to, algorithms, user modeling, evaluation, interfaces, and scalability. The journal welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions and encourages submissions that provide novel insights and ideas, as well as those that demonstrate the practical benefits and limitations of recommendation systems.

ACM TORS has a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and validity of the published research. The submissions are evaluated by a team of experts in the field who assess the quality, originality, and significance of the work. The authors of accepted papers receive constructive feedback from the reviewers to help improve the quality of their work.

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