WhizzCo predicts for each page view, which recommendation provider is best

Today, I stumbled upon WhizzCo, a start-up with a great idea. WhizzCo tackles the problem that there is no single-best content recommendation-engine or advertisement platform to monetize your website. Sometimes, Google Adsense may be best, sometimes a service like Plista may be best. WhizzCo promises to analyze for you, which platform generates the most revenue for your website. And, as far as I understand (sadly the website lacks in-depth information), WhizzCo is doing this for every single page impression. This means, for visitor A who looks at page X, one monetizing platform (e.g. Adsense) might be used, but for visitor B who looks at page Z, some other monetizing platform may be used.

This approach is identical to per-instance algorithm selection, and Automated Recommender Systems (AutoRecSys). I have published in this field a bit and founded my own business start-up Darwin & Goliath. As such, I am particularly pleased to see how the field of AutoRecSys starts to gain attention.

According to the website, WhizzCo was founded already in 2017…


… though the LinkedIn profile says it was 2018.


Read more on https://techcrunch.com/2021/04/22/whizzco/.

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