Diego Gómez-Zará receives the Microsoft Research dissertation award for a RecSys to create more diverse teams

For the fourth time, Microsoft offers grants of up to $25,000 to support the research of PhD students nearing the completion of their degrees. One of the awardees is Diego Gómez-Zará, who researches in the field of recommender systems.

Diego Gómez-Zará, who hopes his thesis work will highlight the potential of recommender systems to design and create more diverse teams, plans to use the grant funding to recruit and pay 240 research study participants and to support two undergraduate research assistants, whom he’ll mentor. He’ll also put some of the funding toward conference costs to present his research findings and open-access publication fees to more widely disseminate his research results. “This grant will help us to continue carrying out our team experiments, which require a large number of participants; continue developing new algorithms for our team recommender systems; and test empirically if team recommender systems can enable users to form more diverse teams,” he says.


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