Porsche adds a recommendation system to its car configurator

Porsche announced in a press release that Porsche has added a recommendation function to its Car Configurator. Porsche claims to have trained 270 neural networks on several million data points and they report an astonishing 90% accuracy. I am not sure though, how accuracy was calculated exactly.

A user can start the recommendation engine by clicking on the light-bulb icon.

This opens a right-hand panel with suggested items to add to the configuration.

This list differs based on the previously chosen options. For instance, in the example above, I get recommendations for Adaptive Sports Seats on the top position with an 87% configuration match (whatever that means). On the second position, 20″/21″ 911 Turbo S Wheels are recommended (80% match).

However, when changing the car colour from white to red, the recommended items change.

The top recommendation remains the same (Adaptive Car Seats) but on second position now is the Electric Slide/Tilt Sunroof.

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