Yahoo! acquires ‘Artifact’ and integrates its Recommendation Engine into Yahoo! News

Artifact‘ was a news aggregation platform founded in 2023 by Instagram cofounders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In January 2024, Artifact announced that it would discontinue all its services, including its personalized news platform. A few days ago, Yahoo! announced that it had acquired Artifact.

According to Yahoo, Artifact is to be integrated into Yahoo, enhancing personalization across its network. Yahoo News is supposed to benefit particularly. Artifact’s AI, known for tailoring news to user interests, aligns with Yahoo’s goal of offering personalized content discovery. This move underlines Yahoo’s strategy to deliver reliable news to a global audience, leveraging advanced machine learning. Kat Downs Mulder, SVP at Yahoo, highlights the evolution of news curation, praising Artifact’s innovative approach. Kevin Systrom, Artifact’s CEO, sees the acquisition as a step towards realizing their vision on a larger scale, emphasizing the importance of connecting people with trustworthy information. The deal, concluded on March 29, 2024, will see Artifact’s technology broaden Yahoo’s content personalization, while Systrom and Krieger continue advising, ensuring a smooth integration and enhancing Yahoo’s content ecosystem.

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