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This calendar includes deadlines for conferences and workshops relating to recommender systems as well as some key conferences relating to machine learning and information retrieval. Switch to the “Agenda” tab and select “Look for more” to see a list of all events or open the calendar in a New Browser Window. Click the “+” button at the bottom of the calendar to add the calendar to your own Google account.

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News From Our Blog About Recommender-Systems Events

The “ACM Transactions on Recommender Systems” (ACM ToRS) is revealed during the ACM RecSys Conference 2021

A new milestone in the history of recommender systems is being announced: At this very minute, Dietmar Jannach reveals at the ACM RecSys Conference 2021 the birth of a new journal for recommender-systems research: The “ACM Transactions on Recommender Systems”, in short, ACM ToRS. Just a few months after the ACM RecSys Conference received an […]

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Industry Sponsors of the ACM RecSys Conference over the Years / Quiz (Predict sponsors for 2022: Win Beer or Wine)

The ACM RecSys Conference 2021 has just started, and a large number of companies support the conference including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, Ebay, Spotify, and NVIDIA. Time, to have a quick look at how the number of sponsors developed over time. I had a look at the websites of all the previous year’s conferences, […]

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ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) 2022 has a RecSys Track

The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries has announced its call for papers 2022. The so-far A*-ranked conference has a dedicated ‘Search & Recommendation’ track as one of four tracks. JCDL 2022 will be organized by the general chairs Akiko Aizawa, Thomas Mandl, and Zeljko Carevic and the program chairs Annika Hinze, Philipp Mayr, and […]

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ACM SAC 2022 with “Track on Recommender Systems: Theory, User Interactions & Applications”

The 37th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing (ACM SAC) has a dedicated track on recommender systems, like in many of the previous years. ACM SAC 2022 will be held in Brno, Czech Republic, April 25 – April 29, 2022. The recommender-systems track is organized by Yong Zheng, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USAMarkus Zanker, Free […]

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‘AutoML’ is growing up with a summer school and dedicated conference

At this minute, the AutoML Workshop 2021 at the ICML conference is running. And one of the organizers, Frank Hutter, announced an AutoML Summer School and the first dedicated AutoML Conference (no website yet). In other words, the AutoML community is growing up. While we report in this blog about recommender systems, AutoML is also […]

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How to win the SIGIR eCommerce Challenge with Transformers (Gabriel Moreira / NVIDIA)

The NVIDIA team performed well on the Session-based recommendation task of the SIGIR eCommerce Coveo Data Challenge 2021. NVIDIA achieved 1st place on the ‘Subsequent Items Prediction Leaderboard’ and 2nd on the ‘Next Item Prediction’ Leaderboard. These successes follow the previous successes of NVidia at the ACM RecSys Challenge and other recommender-system challenges. Gabriel Moreira […]

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The ACM RecSys Conference becomes an ‘A’ Conference

For many years, the ACM RecSys conference — the premier conference for recommender systems — was considered a ‘B’ conference. Now, finally, the popular CORE ranking, lists the ACM Conference as an ‘A’ conference. This is a well deserved promotion and great news for the recommender system community. So far, if someone had a top-paper […]

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Finally, the recommender systems community has its own journal: “Frontiers in Big Data | Recommender Systems”

Almost a year ago, we asked the question of why there was no journal on recommender systems? Now, there is a journal, and we applaud Bart Goethals (University of Antwerp) for initiating it. The journal “Frontiers in Big Data | Recommender Systems” is open access and welcomes all kinds of articles relating to recommender systems. […]

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The ACM RecSys Conference introduces major changes to the submission process (no short-papers; response phase; ethics)

Alain Starke, Publicity Co-Chair of the ACM Recommender System Conference 2021, announced a few major changes to the submission process. There won’t be a short-paper track anymore. Instead, authors are encouraged to submit papers of any length (up to 14 pages). The length should “reflect what is needed for the content of the research, and […]

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‘ACM Hypertext’ (HT21): Call for Papers is out

The 2021 ACM Hypertext conference (29. Aug. – 1 Sept.) will be hosted by Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the ADAPT Centre in Dublin, Ireland, EU. It will be organized by Owen Conlan (TCD), Eelco Herder (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen), Nicole Basaraba (Maastricht University), and Annalina Caputo (Dublin City University). The call for papers was released […]

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